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Brattle Consulting Group, Inc. Honored By Interactive Media Awards in 2010 Competition

MANCHESTER, NH — Brattle Consulting Group, Inc., is an award-winning firm with a commitment to excellence, today announced that it has been awarded Outstanding Achievement in Website Development by the Interactive Media Awards™ for its work on the Total MRO Website. The honor recognizes that the project met and surpassed the basic standards of excellence that comprise the web's most professional work. The site was honored specifically for excellence in E-Commerce.

The judging consisted of various criteria, including design, usability, innovation in technical features, standards compliance and content. In order to win this award level, the site had to meet strict guidelines in each area — an achievement only a fraction of sites in the IMA competition earn each quarter.

Bob Cote, President of Brattle Consulting Group, Inc., said, "This award is further validation that Brattle Consulting Group, Inc. is a leader in the industry, able to effectively and efficiently develop powerful and appealing websites for our valuable clients."

Brattle President Joins Southern New Hampshire University's new Social Media Marketing MBA Advisory Panel

Bob Cote, President of Brattle Consulting Group has been invited to speak at a kickoff seminar for Southern New Hampshire University's Social Media Marketing MBA program. He is one of four panelists who will weigh in on a variety of concepts, issues, and strategies for social media marketing. As well as being a part of an advisory board that will help shape the curriculum for this degree. At this event Bob will be talking specifically not only about social media, but the variety of social platforms that are out there, and how we are implementing several of these platforms to provide social solutions for business problems. The event is open to the general public, for those interested more information can be found here.

Read more: SNHU Website

Brattle Consulting Group Wins Second Interactive Media Award in Six Months

Interactive Media Awards

Interactive Media Awards

The Interactive Media Awards are given for design, usability, compliance, and technical expertise. Brattle was recently presented the Outstanding Achievement award, the second highest award given, for SignalSMS in the Telecommunications category. We join several industry giants who have received this award in the past, such as Cisco, Sprint, Nokia, and Boost Mobile.

The first of our two awards was given to SubItUp in the Consumer Services category and at the time of the award the judges compared SubItUp's significance on the web to eBay. At this time we have a third website up for award consideration. Our innovative design for Asset Preservation LLC. has garnered the attention of the judges yet again.

All of these considerations and awards demonstrate Brattle's consistently high standards and innovative approaches to both development and design. We take pride in the fact that we are able to turn out websites that merit this consideration on a regular basis, and we strive to architect and build sites that live up to this standard.

September 22nd 2009: M3 Summit Adds Technology Expert To Panel

Brattle President Bob Cote has been honored with the invitation to participate as a panel member for the 2009 M3 Summit. This Mobile Marketing Mixer was created to discuss the future of marketing from a mobile perspective. Attendees like entrepreneurs, marketers, PR pros and new-media fanatics will learn from an expert panel of presenters on key topics associated with mobile marketing – a more efficient means of connecting people, businesses and consumers.

The M3 Summit is expecting over 200 students to attend and there will be at least 75 businesses represented. As part of the expert panel of presenters, Bob will be discussing how mobile marketing technology has evolved, some of the cutting edge, patent-pending work we've created in the area, and where we envision the technology going in the future.

If you're interested in attending, it's not too late! Visit www.mobilemarketingmixer.com to register.

September 12th 2009: Print '09 Conference – Guest Speaker

Brattle President Bob Cote will be a guest speaker for Goss International at the Print '09 conference in Chicago. This event brings together top executives from over 650 leading manufacturers and suppliers in all areas of the printing world – from commercial printing to print buyers – to learn, network, and make intelligent purchasing decisions. Bob will be working with Goss International to present the technological side of mobile technology and how it is evolving and adding value to print publications and applications. With GossRSVP, members of the print industry can utilize mobile marketing to allow interaction to static print pieces, making them dynamic, interactive pieces that can provide incentives and information to consumers while providing the business with consumer data and interests. Mobile marketing can help businesses eliminate the old adage, "I know half of my advertising is working, I just can't tell you which half!"

Brattle Consulting Group has worked with print magnate Goss International for over three years to develop the technology behind GossRSVP, a revolutionary process to incorporate mobile marketing into print advertising.

August '09 - Awarded an Interactive Media Award

Brattle is extremely proud to announce the recent recognition we received for our development of SubItUp.com at the Interactive Media Awards: SubItUp earned the Outstanding Achievement Award in Consumer Services, the second highest honor granted by the Interactive Media Council! We were especially thrilled by one judge's assessment: "A brilliant idea and application. I've always thought of eBay as a perfect example of the Internet at its best. I'll add SubItUp to my list." The award is granted based on evaluations in the areas of design, content, feature functionality, usability, standards, compliance, and cross browser compatibility. With the acceptance of this award, Brattle will continue evolving SubItUp in the hopes of acquiring more information and bringing on clients to join MIT, the Manchester Police Department and other local and national organizations utilizing this new application. To learn how this revolutionary new application can work for your business, visit www.SubItUp.com!

In addiction to the award from the IMC, Brattle President Bob Cote has been nominated and accepted to be a judge for next year's IMA's! He joins fellow web experts from companies including American Express, CBS Radio, Microsoft, the New York Times, Verizon Business and others.

June 1st, 2009: UpMax™ Malware Detection Software

As part of their continuing effort to be the most helpful search engine available, Google has added a new feature to their search results: now Google can tell you if you are about to visit a site that may harm your computer. (For more information about how malware is embedded onto a website and why Google is alerting users, read this blog post.)

If your site is lucky enough to be uninfected, it's important you keep it that way! When a site becomes infected with malware, not only will Google list it as harmful and possibly decrease its ranking – thus driving away potential visitors – but users that go directly to the site will be unaware of the risk they're taking. A malware attack can extract personal information like credit card numbers and bank passwords. As you can imagine, this kind of security breach could cost thousands of dollars and many hours to remedy.

Because of this new threat, Brattle has developed UpMax, our Malware Detection Software. With the ability to run regularly in increments of 15 minutes to once a month, UpMax is constantly monitoring your site for the presences of a harmful malware infection. If malware is ever detected an immediate alert via text or email is sent to administrators. This instant alert mitigates your risk of losing valuable search engine ranking and infecting your valued users. Let us help you get started with UpMax today.

April 15th, 2009: SignalSMS™ Version Upgrade

We have expanded SignalSMS' application programming interface! This API expansion allows basic web developers to integrate web development and designs with text message technology. Now you can sign up for a text message alert system just like you do for the newsletter – right from our website!

SignalSMS™ now also has a Lookup Service – allowing the importing of cell numbers that have been validated as numbers from an existing campaign or service (not repurchased or reassigned numbers). All we need for the import routing is a .csv (comma separated values) file containing the cell numbers of all your subscribers.

If this doesn't get you excited, maybe you're unfamiliar with SignalSMS' text message marketing and alert capabilities! Read our brief press release.

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