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GossRSVP™ Application

The Client

Goss International delivers unique opportunities for printers and publishers to advance the print medium to new levels of impact and value. Since 1885, Goss’ guiding principals have been innovation teamed with customer satisfaction. The company also upholds an R&D commitment that continues to redefine the competitive potential of print production. Their global development and support resources rely on a strong foundation of world-class manufacturing sites throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia, employing more than 400 engineers and over 4000 employees worldwide. Goss International’s web offset presses and print finishing systems set the standards for innovation, productivity, and value.

The Challenge

In our new digital era, it is becoming increasingly important to members of the print world to find technologically advanced ways to connect with consumers. As a leader in their industry, it is no wonder that Goss International created a plan exactly along those lines.

Their goal was to use mobile technology to enhance the value proposition of print by providing value and ROI to current marketers in print. They had already developed the general concepts of the program, which would combine SMS text messaging with print advertising. What they needed was a company that could put all the pieces together and build the code base that would allow interaction between on-deck software over different types of mobile connections (http to SMS).

Additionally, Goss expected a focus on quality, flexibility, cost and relationship. It was in search of a developer with deep industry experience and robust methodologies, tools and frameworks.

Why SignalSMS™, Brattle Custom SMS Application?

Goss International selected Brattle Consulting Group as its development resource. Brattle was evaluated against numerous SMS marketing providers on various parameters. Besides meeting most of Goss’ key requirements, Brattle’s experience with SMS technologies and ability to provide all elements of their desired system made it a vendor of choice.

Brattle successfully met Goss International’s expectations during the pilot stage. It demonstrated the ability to capture knowledge and complete assignments within timeframe goals, and adapted easily to ongoing updates of requirements.

Key drivers of the relationship

The diversified service requirements included application development, implementation and customization, maintenance, database administration, system administration and 24x7 support. Implementation of best practices, methodologies and a service delivery framework to establish a mutually beneficial relationship was essential. Scalable infrastructure of the program to ensure long-term flexibility and success was a must.

The Solution

Using the SignalPRISE™ system, Brattle Consulting Group developed GossRSVP™. SignalPRISE™ is a highly versatile and custom integrated system that provides a proprietary SMPP connection resolve. This made it simple to create the solution required by Goss International. SignalPRISE™ allows for a fully automated SMS application that provides nightly reports and monthly invoices. Also for GossRSVP™, SignalPRISE™ was configured to provide significant application monitoring capabilities plus accessibility from web-based portals for full system management.


Development languages: C#.NET , VB.NET, ADO.NET, VBScript, Ajax, JavaScript, TML, XML, XSLT (including API development, testing, and deployment) Hardware: Quad Zeon, Windows 2003 R2 Application Server, SQL 2005 Server, Dynamic DNS Failover capabilities Third Party Application Integration: Upcode 2D Barcode Creator and On-deck Mobile Client Benefits

A fully automated architecture that ensures full scalability from both the hardware and application perspective Increased IT capability through access to a resource pool with deep industry and technology experience, and also experience with very large-scale application development and maintenance projects Specific product knowledge with high capability for extending domain expertise and technology skills to meet Goss International’s future needs Increased consistency of delivered IT system and rationalization of Goss International’s IT processes through SignalPRISE’s mature quality initiatives and best practices

*GossRSVP™ is a trademark of Goss International Americas, Inc.

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