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Conversion Consulting

To borrow a cliché: Turn your visitors into customers

What do your visitors do when they get to your website? What do you want them to do when they come to your website? And how do you bridge that gap?

Our conversion consultants can help you figure out how to gently steer the visitors on your website towards your end goal. Whether that is to sign up for an event, make a purchase, or just to contact you for information.

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American Biomass - WoodPellets.com
WoodPellets.com is an online retailer who provides users the ability to purchase biomass fuel online.

BCG worked closely with WoodPellets.com's internal marketing and web development team to provide usability and conversion consulting. Our team analyzed WoodPellets.com's site design, conversion points and analytics to increase usability, thus leading to higher conversions.

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Goodwill "Working with Brattle has been fantastic. I know that I can pick up the phone and Bob will always be available. That's really what sold me: the responsiveness." - James Harder - Director of Communications

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