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SubItUp™ Application Development

Project Background

SubItUp is an online scheduling and staff management application for shift based businesses. The concept originated from a problem we identified at MIT’s recreation department. The paper based process they had in place was cumbersome and time consuming for both employees and managers. Employees often had to resort to running down a list of their co-workers calling each one until they found a replacement. SubItUp has come a long way in the years since its inception and we have branched out into many different markets, all of which face similar problems with scheduling.

Project Implementation

The core focus in the development of SubItUp was ease-of-use. The initial development for SubItUp centered around the employee experience. Focusing on providing an intuitive interface for employees to add/drop/and swap shifts.

As the application grew and we came to better understand more of the business processes surrounding scheduling we tried to find additional tools or features we could offer to further streamline the scheduling process for managers and employees. Some of these features include an automatic schedule generation algorithm that takes into account your needs as well as your employee’s preferences, a messaging tool that can send emails and text messages to individual employees or your entire workforce, and smarter ways to visualize your calendar which enables schedule forecasting creating a proactive conversation with employees.


Out of this search for simpler processes we created a uniquely streamlined system that is focused around ease of use and reduction of effort in employee scheduling.

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