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SubItUp™ - Facebook Connect

Project Background

As Facebook has become a global standard it has presented new opportunities for businesses to leverage its platform and social context. This is inherently applicable to SubItUp and one of the steps towards it becoming the first true social scheduling product on the market.

Project Implementation

SubItUp leverages several components of Facebook: Facebook Connect, the Graph API, and the set of Social Plugins. In addition SubItUp has a dedicated Facebook Application that allows employees to request trades without having to leave the friendly confines of Facebook.

Facebook’s platforms have evolved enormously over the last few years and up to this point have been a tricky moving target to hit with technologies being constantly phased in and out of use. As this technology has progressed SubItUp has kept pace with the standards. We currently feel that Facebook is likely settling into its current set of technologies and frameworks and SubItUp is well positioned using the most current standards to take full advantage of everything Facebook can offer.

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