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For over two centuries, Faneuil Hall has been an historic, unique, and bustling marketplace and meeting hall in Boston. Nicknamed “The Cradle of Liberty”, it has played host to many famous orators and now sees over 18 million visitors annually, making it the 4th most visited tourist site in the United States.

Located near the waterfront and today’s Government Center, in Boston, Massachusetts, the original Faneuil Hall was funded by wealthy Boston merchant Peter Faneuil, as a gift to the city in 1742.

When first established, the hall was regularly home to merchants, fishermen, and meat and produce sellers, but more memorably, as colonists’ first protest of the Sugar Act in 1764, when the doctrine of “no taxation without representation” was established. Samuel Adams urged the citizens of Boston to the cause of independence from Great Britain in Faneuil Hall, and on the nation’s first birthday, it was where George Washington raised a toast. These were just the beginnings of a long line of notable speakers, from Oliver Wendall Holmes and Susan B. Anthony to Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy.

The building was entirely rebuilt in 1898–1899, of noncombustible materials and was restored again in 1992. The building is a National Historic Landmark and is on the National Register of Historic Places, in addition to being part of Boston Historic National Park.

Faneuil Hall is now part of a larger festival marketplace, Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which includes three long granite buildings called South Market, Quincy Market, and North Market, the latter of which has been home to Brattle Consulting Group, Inc. since February 2008. Whether it’s having a business lunch at Cheers, going out for a Sam Adams Boston Lager after work, or simply observing the multitude of visitors, working at Faneuil Hall provides many opportunities not available in most office buildings. Being a part of this historic, vibrant, and exciting environment adds to the enjoyment of working for Brattle, and makes it a pleasure for our clients to visit.

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