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Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

Over the last couple months we have been working on an exciting project for Total MRO involving, among other things, integrating an e-commerce solution with their internal Sage MAS-90 system. Sage MAS-90 is a fully featured Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that does everything from warehouse inventory management, to invoicing and accounting, to order credit card processing. This project entailed redesigning and rebuilding their website to be in line with modern web standards and practices, architecting an e-commerce solution that could work with their Sage MAS-90 system, and adding a feature set to the website that was currently unavailable through their traditional sales channels. The benefit of the project would be seen across the board as they will be able to increase sales by avoiding internal bottlenecks. This streamlining will mean more revenue without having to scale other areas of their infrastructure.

Total MRO looked to us to orchestrate this project; we worked with Acom Healthcare, Shields Design Studio and ROI Consulting of Omaha, Nebraska. Acom and Shields produced a great, clean, highly usable design and photography which conveys the professionalism that they were lacking in their previous website. ROI Consulting supplied us with the INSYNCH module which allows connections between SQL and the Sage system, using this module we were able to directly integrate our system with their internal systems and their real-time data.

Having the web interface for ordering allows them to do many things they were previously unable to do. We designed a solution to provide recommended products based on what other people have ordered, created areas for TotalMRO to feature select products, and built an easy to use product reordering system for their customers. In addition to these new features, the customers that had custom pricing based on their order volumes have these prices reflected on the site when they log in using their preexisting customer number.

These features reflect a small subset of what our development team is capable of. We worked with Total MRO to discover what would work best for them, most enhance the user experience, and help boost sales. As we near launch all parties are pleased with where we are and the potential that the new site holds for their company. This has been a very interesting project for us, and has been a great opportunity to help another business discover and enhance internal efficiencies

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