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Querystring not working on iPhone

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Known Browser Issue: Safari on iPhone 4.2.6 and below
Known Issue Overview: When requesting a .NET or Classic ASP / VBScript page using Safari on iPhone v. 4.2.6 the querystring value is modified.  We would expect ‘?id=12′ to be processed as ‘request.querystring(”id”) = 12′.  However, this is not the case.
Solution: Trim(Split(Request.Querystring(”id”),”\o”)(0)
Reason: When parsing the querystring we noticed that Safari was rendering the ‘id’ parameter’s value as
[value] \o [URL]?id=12 \o

More Information: .Net or classic ASP / VBScript are affected by this issue if iPhone is running below version 4.3 (Go to Settings > General > About on the iPhone to find the version).

Safari will acquire the querystring value, the actual issue is the data within the querystring. A normal querystring request would provide you with the passed parameter (i.e. ?id=12, request.querystring(”id”) = 12) right? It should, but when processing this request with Safari, the querystring value is modified to include the URL and some additional escape characters.

Here is what we found:
We passed a value within the ‘id’ parameter: Safari processed the request.querystring(”id”) and translated ‘testtest’ to ‘testtest \o \o’

The fix is simple: Trim(Split(Request.Querystring(”id”),”\o”)(0), but unexpected.

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