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Brattle Launches New In-House CRM system for Total MRO Protection

Monday, July 12th, 2010

After the recent launch of Total MRO’s new website featuring a design overhaul, catalog and sales process simplification, and a deeply integrated e-commerce solution we sat down with a managing partner to figure out how else we could help optimize operations and the sales process for them.

Discouraged by the pricing structures they were finding from the large online CRM providers, Total MRO decided it would make the most sense to develop a custom CRM to their current specifications and foreseeable future requirements. Doing away with the tiered pricing structure and recurring licensing fees, in favor of a system they could have actual ownership of with no tricks to lock them in.

Many added benefits may not be apparent now, but we see some interesting ways that they could further integrate this CRM system with their internal ERP system to further streamline their internal processes and communication.

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