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Citrus Acquisitions

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Over the past few months, Brattle President Bob Cote and the Brattle team have been working with Citrus Acquisitions to develop a truly revolutionary application.  Brattle was originally brought in to discuss architecting a solution for the failing finance center, and what our two companies came up with promises to be an application unlike any other currently available. In order to assist investors, this new product utilizes crawling, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities to understand global trends and viable market targets for acquisition and/or leverage buy out.

This method is yet unavailable to other acquisition firms, thus helping to set Citrus Acquisitions above the curve. Brattle is proud to be an integral component of this new application’s development. Expect to hear more about this new application as development continues and visit Citrus Acquisitions.

South Shore Young Professionals

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Last month, Brattle took on a job for the South Shore Young Professionals, a networking site to provide information, resources, and opportunities to young professionals on the South Shore of Massachusetts. Brattle completely overhauled the old site to create an appealing yet simple interface for SSYP’s members. Plus as a way of sponsorship, Brattle provided services at a reduced rate. After working with SSYP, Brattle determined the best features to incorporate on the site, which includes a customized “contact us” form, an easy-to-update events calendar, and an improved current and archived news section. Brattle is glad to help and hopes that SSYP enjoys continued success!



Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Recently we announced the launch of SignalSMS, a text message marketing product developed by our team here at Brattle Consulting Group. We are attributing much of SignalSMS’s success to the API (Application Programming Interface) we developed for our product. We have developed it to allow applications to communicate over SMS without tremendous amounts of knowledge of programming. This creates a much easier, more flexible and customizable process.

If you were to search for a company that does API development, you would have difficulty finding one.  Brattle is happy to be a pioneer in this area, and we are excited to share our skills with you. Our staff is here to assist other development companies and other individuals and businesses interested in marketing to achieve their goals. We are currently working with several companies throughout the US to provide them with mobile communication applications to benefit their businesses.

Please contact us and ask us about the opportunities SignalSMS could bring to your business.

New Product Launch!

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Do you have part-time or hourly employees? Tired of managing their schedules? SubItUp is a great tool to assist you, and at very low cost!

Brattle is thrilled to announce the launch of! This is a new way to manage a company’s schedule changes with absolute ease. SubItUp allows employees to join the company and department for which they work, upload their schedule to the site, and then begin to pick-up more shifts, offer ones they need covered, and switch shifts! This is a great new way to keep all the employees, managers, and owners of a business in the loop in regards to schedule changes. The site offers moderator abilities for owners and managers, or employees may use the site as a self-organized tool to arrange shift changes amongst themselves.

SubItUp and all of its utilities and applications were entirely developed by our talented Brattle team.  The site is currently being tested by MIT, but it is also open for use by the companies country-wide. SubItUp is free to use for employees, and for owners and managers to open up the business/moderator end of the site it is only $15/month.

SubItUp is the first site of its kind to incorporate three kinds of schedule changes plus the ability for managers and owners to oversee all of these changes. We are very proud of SubItUp and we encourage you to visit the site and see for yourself why we think it is going to be a breakthrough for businesses everywhere that schedule employees by the hour. No more last minute phone calls by employees to every person in the business that could pick up their shift, no more frustrated managers when no one shows up for a shift, etc. SubItUp provides a convenient, single location and mechanism to organize and manage your business’ work schedule.

Visit or call us here at Brattle with any questions about how SubItUp can improve your business!

Increasing Website Usability: Inkcups Now PadSearch

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

A leading supplier in pad printing, screen printing, and inkjet printing, Inkcups Now has been a loyal customer of Brattle Consulting Group from the beginning.  Recently, however, Inkcups Now asked us to develop a very useful new application for their site. We created a new online search utility for their (very!) wide selection of printing pads.

Previously, a customer would have had to browse through many pages of the company’s hundreds of printing pads in order to find the one that fit their needs. With PadSearch however, a customer can search for a printing pad by number, size, type, manufacturer, and more! As you can imagine, this has made the process of finding and ordering the perfect printing pad much more simple and streamlined.

Check out PadSearch for yourself here and ask us how we can develop something similar for your online business!

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