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Boston Web Development Group Creates AORE Website

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Maybe it’s because we spend so much time working hard in our office, but we at Brattle Consulting Group are huge fans of the outdoors. So we were happy to work with the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) to develop their website from the ground up.

AORE’s mission is to provide opportunities for those in the field of outdoor recreation, and also to promote preservation and conservation of the natural environment. They approached us with the initial desire to streamline their manual business processes, so we listened to the immediate and future goals of both the members and board members to create an appropriate plan for the site. We developed a viable solution to exceed AORE’s current requirements, while also constructing a framework for expandability. We helped them streamline the business by introducing web-based automated tools, one of our specialties.

These tools included:

  • Online member application
  • Secure membership
  • 5 tier membership application with unique portals
  • Lost password feature
  • Online conference registration
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Administrative membership management tools
  • Conference host management tools
  • Confirmation notification tools
  • Confirmation notification system
  • Automated member importer
  • Full content management solution

Brattle Consulting Group Completes More Work for MIT… Again

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

We’re very proud of our development team at Brattle, but the closest some of us have gotten to attending the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology was creating their Physical Education and Recreation websites. However, it was undoubtedly an MIT grad-worthy job.

MIT’s Physical Education site was designed prior to Brattle’s involvement, so our task was to maintain the “look and feel” while expanding the current functionality of the site’s design template. We worked diligently with MIT’s Communications Committee to meet their precise needs and create a user-friendly site students could navigate with ease.

The project consisted of:

  • template to translation from HTML to .NET
  • content deployment
  • online course registrations module
  • multimedia integration
  • content management system deployment
  • hosting consultation
  • organic SEO consultation

The response from MIT was a positive one. Tim Moore, General Manager of MIT RecSports, said, “Working with Brattle Consulting Group is great! Our process involved the input of a full committee which can be time-consuming. Bob remained patient and extremely helpful during the complete process and remains very responsive with all of our additional requests. In addition, Brattle Consulting Group’s content management solution is an invaluable, robust, and easy-to-use tool that makes our daily task of updating information simple and quick. Their experience and knowledge consistently provides us with the results we need. We have recommended, and will continue to recommend Brattle Consulting Group.”

To view the results of this project, visit and .

Websites Developed by Brattle Consulting Group

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

We have been busy here at Brattle Consulting Group this month! Here are some updates on the companies and sites we have developed.

Inkcups Now is a “specialty manufacturer that provides the highest quality supplies, equipment, and technical support for the pad printing and screen printing industries”, and has been a client since Brattle’s beginnings. Since completing the development of Inkcups’ site in March 2008, they have continued to be loyal and enjoyable clients. Most recently, Brattle developed a new application completely unique to Inkcups Now’s entire industry. It is a search utility to find a specific ink pad type to fit any kind of machine that Inkcups Now provides to their market. We are pleased to continue working with Inkcups Now and are proud to have helped them develop this one-of-a-kind application.

Brattle Consulting Group Adds to the Group

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Thanks to Brattle’s continued success, we have been able to expand the business by hiring our newest application developer, George Dirth. Brattle President Bob Cote says Dirth is a “skilled developer and a fast learner.”

Dirth and Cote met at a web development firm in New Hampshire several summers ago, and Cote was thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Dirth again. Originally from Bedford, NH, Dirth recently graduated from Oregon State University with his BS in Information Systems and Business Management. He is happy to bring new ideas and fresh knowledge to Brattle.

Dirth’s previous experience is in web development, website management, and code writing in many languages. In his spare time he enjoys hiking with his dog, Diesel.

Things We Like This Month — August 2008

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

Confused about how the internet works? Senator Stevens’ (R-Alaska) comments from a couple years ago should be able to clear things up for you. (This also might be a good time to remind you that elections are coming up in November…) Articulate Alaskan

Here’s a great list of gift ideas for all the tech-junkies in your life (or in our case, a list of gift ideas to give yourself). Check out PC World’s 100 Best Products of 2008 – applications, sites, and services to keep you more productive, connected, and entertained. Explore everything from free Facebook applications to Intel processors to digital cameras. Sweet Stuff

Tired of wasting time at work on YouTube? Try browsing the articles on Wired Magazine’s site. The magazine covers how technology affects culture, the economy and politics, so if you get caught, you can just say you’re trying to stay up-to-date on technology… and stuff. Time Worth Wasting

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