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"It is a pleasure to work with Bob and Brattle Consulting Group's team. Our previous SMS service provider abruptly stopped their SMS service with no warning. Bob was able to restore our SMS function using their SignalSMS™ software. SMS is an integral part of our business as we provide a service to covertly track valuable loads across the Americas and Canada. SignalSMS™ provides the communication from our platform to the tracking devices and visa versa. Bob and Brattle Consulting Group's team have proven to be a reliable partner, and we are looking forward to continue use of their SignalSMS™ service."
Wei Tan
Director of Hardware Engineering

"Bob Cote and Brattle Consulting Group provide a very personal touch to their business. It is very reassuring to know that Bob is just a phone call or an e-mail away, and is always prompt about responding. We had a lot of technical questions about SMS, both before and after signing a contract - Bob and his team were always patient and thorough with helping to educate us. Bob and his team care deeply about their company, made clear by their responsiveness, flexibility, and "customer first" attitude. We have also appreciated working with a local company - as opposed to a generic online company, or a company in another time zone. Thank you Brattle Consulting for your terrific product and service!"
Jonathan Crockett
Coordinator of Fitness and Recreation
Middlesex Community College


"Working with Bob and Brattle Consulting Group has been fantastic. The transition has been very smooth. I know that I can pick up the phone and Bob will always be available. That's really what sold me: the responsiveness. We are looking forward to working with Brattle on new projects, based on the good work we've already gotten from them."
James Harder - Director of Communications
Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries


"Brattle Consulting Group has been our provider since we opened our doors and their service is top tier. Their applications help SMBs grow organically without financial barriers. Most importantly, I would encourage other organizations to learn from their client services and their responsiveness as a goal. Yes, they are that good."
Mark Haddad - President & Founder
Zingr Communicatioins


"Brattle Consulting Group has made our site very aesthetically pleasing and incredibly more functional than ever before. Bob, Brattle's President and Founder, is always available to answer questions and replies to e-mails very quickly. Bob is the best web designer I have worked with. His knowledge of code and databases is unsurpassed. I would strongly recommend Brattle Consulting Group to any company or non-profit looking to improve their web presence and functionality."
Dan McCoy - Secretary, Board of Directors
Association for Outdoor Recreation and Education


"I have worked with Bob Cote for nearly 10 years now, and most recently, with Bob via Brattle Consulting Group and have continued to receive the same excellent service and valued expertise that I've been accustomed to for the past decade.
Bob combines a vigorous commitment to customer service with a superior knowledge of technology to provide a service that is unparalleled. Bob and Brattle Consulting Group receive my highest recommendation."

Scot D. Villeneuve - President


"It has been my pleasure to be associated with Mr. Bob Cote, now as the owner of Brattle Consulting Group and over the past couple of years with his previous employer, McDougal Interactive. Bob exhibits a great level of professionalism in all he does. For our GossRSVP™ developments his expertise in computer database systems has proven very beneficial to us and he is among the best I have seen."
Roger Belanger - Director, GossRSVP™


"Brattle Consulting Group 'inherited' our website from other web developers as a work in progress… At first we had concerns about the transition, but soon it was obvious that Bob Cote is an expert programmer willing and able to find a pragmatic, cost-effective solution to any issue. We have found him to be very hard-working and responsive and would recommend him for any project, large or small."
Ben Adner - President


"Working with Brattle Consulting Group is great! Our process involved the input of a full committee which can be time-consuming. Bob remained patient and extremely helpful during the complete process and remains very responsive with all of our additional requests. In addition, Brattle Consulting Group's content management solution is an invaluable, robust, and easy-to-use tool that makes our daily task of updating information simple and quick. Their experience and knowledge consistently provides us with the results we need. We have recommended, and will continue to recommend Brattle Consulting Group."

Tim Moore - General Manager


Dear Bob,
Thanks so much for the automation you wrote into my site. It has always been very time consuming to constantly move and switch images around my site. With your metadata application it made it so easy to upload my images in short order. I estimate your application saves me nearly 12 hours a month. That might not sound like a lot of time, but to a small business owner it is everything. Thanks so much for helping me achieve some of my goals! I now have more free time to market our studio, and spend time with my family. Thanks again!!!

Jeff Dachowski - Owner


"Working with Bob Cote has been a wonderful experience. He continues to be there for me as I evolve my business and needs. He is extremely professional and knowledgeable. The best!"

Amanda Garabrant - Owner


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Goodwill "Working with Brattle has been fantastic. I know that I can pick up the phone and Bob will always be available. That's really what sold me: the responsiveness." - James Harder - Director of Communications

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